Cyprus Company Formation with Free Bank Account

Are you an international business looking to be established in Cyprus? This is a right decision for so many reasons. The country is strategically located close to Africa, Europe, and Asia. It has excellent weather, modern infrastructure, a vibrant tourism industry, and low crime rates. Most importantly, it has the lowest tax rates in the European Union and a progressive tax regime. The government has put in place positive business-friendly practices that make it an ideal destination for many international businesses. It is also an ideal place for offshore companies and in recent years, many companies have been set up in the island.

Setting a business anywhere in the world is a hectic process. It is a more hectic process especially for international customers, who are seeking to register in Cyprus. Companies who opt to use do-it-yourself approaches to all this end up wasting a lot of time, energy, and money. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a quality company registrations company. This will be an efficient and cost-effective method for you because the company you use has a good local understanding of the Cyprus market.

At International Financial Services Advisors (IFSA), we are the leading company in the provision of these company registrations in the country. Our team of experts are some of the prominent people in the in the legal, corporate, and regulatory fields in the country. Over the past years, we have helped hundreds of companies save time and money in dealing with all these issues. As the business world is always evolving, we have added additional services like on the blockchain industry.

As we start the summer, our company is offering a detailed offer to all our new customers. For just EUR1.850, our company will do the company registration for your company. This offer will run until August 31st and will include the following:

  1. Preparation of all statutory documents.
  2. Provision of registered office and registered address for the year.
  3. Provision of the company secretary for the year.
  4. Obtaining the Tax Identification Code (TIC).
  5. Assistance with corporate bank account opening with full online banking capabilities.
  6. Cyprus company formation having EUR1.000 share capital.

As mentioned above, there are so many reasons you might consider starting or registering your business in Cyprus. As such, if you want to take advantage of these incentives, this is an excellent time for you to consider registering your business here. With this unbeatable offer, we will help you get started and start saving within a short duration. However, this offer does not apply to companies with activities that require a special license. To get started, get in touch with us by filling this form and we will respond within a few hours.