Special Offer: New Customers Package

Cyprus is today gaining recognition as one of the best places to register international businesses. Over the years, the government has been working hard to develop business-friendly policies with the goal of attracting many foreign companies. This has seen the country jump on the world business friendly index, which is a report by the World Bank. Some of the measures the government has introduced are the low tax rates and reducing the time it takes to register companies. At International Financial Services Advisors (IFSA), we are the leading local provider of company registration services in the country. Our company serves local and international companies.

Why Use International Financial Services Advisors?

Well, there are many reasons you might consider using our services. First, we are a company with experts in various fields in the corporate services. We have experts in law, tax, compliance, company registrations, bank accounts, global trusts, intellectual property, and virtual offices. As such, with us, you will be having an industry leader who understands the entire business registration services.

Second, as local experts, we know everything about company registrations. We know all the offices you are required to go and all the documents that you need.

Third, it will save you time and money to register your Cyprus company.

Talking of Money

We are currently offering our new customers a package that will provide unimaginable savings. For EUR 1.850, we will register your company, fill the First Incumbency Certificate, and register your company with the tax office. We will also give you tax advisory, which will help you remain on the right side of the law. This is an unbelievable offer that will be valid until the end of the month.

Other services that will be included in this offer are: preparation of all statutory documents, provision of a secretary for the entire year, banking services, provision of a registered office, and obtaining the tax identification code among others.

To receive this offer, fill the form in this page and a representative will get back to you within a few hours.